Music for life and mood

Theatre and film director, composer, Angela Guseva.

Born in the year 1968.

1985-1989-Chisinau Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Russian language and literature ” two courses on a full-time and two part-time course.

1992-1997-State Institute of Arts (now the Academy of Arts), a faculty, Branch Director of theatre, film and TV ”. Masters course-Vladimir Druk and Benjamin Apostle. While studying she worked on National TV in the news (dir. live broadcast) advertising (Editor, Director), youth programmes (programmes: worked as an operator, Editor, script writer and Director). Beginning of the series “Canal-FIX” for adolescents and young people. 1989-1992-”Moldova-film” Assistant, Assistant producer and the second Director on manufacture eight full-length game, two documentaries and three short films.

1994-1999-work on National TV, the TV company “NIT” in an advertising agency. For its “Canal-FIX” removed a lot of short-game scenes. Shot music videos and PSAs. In addition to the script author and Director, was in certain jobs and operator-creator.

1999-2001-lived and worked in Prague (Czech Republic). At channel “SAT-1” made a programme about the Russian diaspora. Among many projects, participation in the programmes of “Theatre plus EVERY”.

In 2001, she moved to Moscow. 2001-2002-copywriter Studio “Pygmalion”. 2001-2003-Director and producer of children’s Theatre-Studio “KIWI”. 2002-2003-film director, project “Surikov” (Fund “Russian music”, imagery of the first series of the documentary film series). 2003-writer and editor in the project “Chi Chuan” (channel TVC).

2003-2009-directed by RUSCICO DVD “company” (duty: Director videos (documentaries), interview with actors and directors, writing texts for stories the concept of disk, camera shooting).

2009, may-October 2009 – Director and co-author of the script of the documentary “Mikhail Chekhov in Moscow”.

October 2009 – 2010, February – Director and screenplay of the movie “the Life and the game”.

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