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  • Source Files

    Source Files

    By SuperGoodSound

    This resource gives you access to original note/audio data on a per track basis. Absolutely indispensable for the wealth of options available through this route.

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  • Miscellaneous


    By SuperGoodSound

    If it's not anywhere else, you can always check here!

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  • Drum 'n' Bass/Breaks

    Drum 'n' Bass/Breaks

    By SuperGoodSound

    Songs with beats that could kill...

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  • Acoustic Piano

    Acoustic Piano

    By SuperGoodSound

    A collection of my acoustic piano, piano solo, and piano based songs.

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  • Experimental/Abstract


    By SuperGoodSound

    Looking for some really difference stuff? From the interesting to intriguing to straight-up weird...this is where you can turn.

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  • Rock


    By SuperGoodSound

    Do you feel the need to rock out? Well you've come to the right location.

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  • Funk/Groove


    By SuperGoodSound

    A smattering of funk, groove, jazz and chillout music. Eclectic and fresh.

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  • Dance


    By SuperGoodSound

    Some songs put you to sleep. These ones should wake you up.

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  • Video Game

    Video Game

    By SuperGoodSound

    Have a need for creating a specific feel for that next flash animation or video game? Look no further.

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  • Hip-Hop/R&B


    By SuperGoodSound

    The urban side of life...these pieces are meant to help everyone find their inner rico suave.

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  • Orchestral


    By SuperGoodSound

    A collection of orchestral, guitar, and classical pieces and scores. May include occasional electronic/ambient elements.

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  • Pop


    By SuperGoodSound

    My most popular sounding and well-rounded arrangements. Not to hard, not too soft, not too crazy, not too sane...

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  • Loops


    By SuperGoodSound

    Big loops, small loops, calm loops, crazy loops and maybe even a fruit loop or two.

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  • Ambient


    By SuperGoodSound

    A collection of my ambient, new age, chill-out, and softer electronica pieces.

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  • Techno/Trance


    By SuperGoodSound

    Providing all the electronic synthesized techno and trance you could ever ask for.

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  • Sound FX Packs/Foley

    Sound FX Packs/Foley

    By SuperGoodSound

    A large variety of assorted foley and fx packs...

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  • Cinematic/Movie


    By SuperGoodSound

    A collection of my most cinematic and movie worthy compositions. Many would be equally suitable for use in video game, commercial, and flash applications.

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