Zombie Sound Pack

Zombie Sound Pack

It’s a pack of zombie sound effects which includes 10 different sounds. These zombie sound effects are perfect for any any movie, trailer, commercial, animation, video game, cartoon, app and so on.

In ZIP file you will find 2 directories:

Zombie Sound Effects WAV

Zombie Sound Effects MP3

List of files in both directories:

Zombie Breathing Sound Effect (0:06)

Zombie Eating Sound Effect (0:09)

Zombie Groaning Sounds 01 (0:02)

Zombie Groaning Sounds 02 (0:02)

Zombie Groaning Sounds 03 (0:02)

Zombie Groan Sound Effect (0:02)

Zombie Growl Sound Effect (0:02)

Zombie Moaning Sound Effect (0:02)

Zombie Moan Sound Effect (0:02)

Zombie Scream Sound Effect (0:02)

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