Zombie Apocalypse Anthem

Zombie Apocalypse Anthem

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An adrenaline fueled blend of groove metal, hard rock, grunge, destruction and devastation, tainted with hauntedness. ‘ZAA’ also features a couple of melodic, Muse-esque, piano and bass breakdowns, so make sure you listen from start to finish to really understand the track!

This track definitely takes the listener on a journey and I have described it as best I can below, in 12 parts:

1. Intro/Section A (0:00 – 0:12): Preceded by a Smashing Pumpkins style drum groove, a machine gun guitar & bass riff kicks in, instantly getting the adrenaline flowing.

2. Section B (0:12 – 0:28): A massively groovy Black Label Society / Pantera-esque riff with interspersed Lamb of God style drum fills.

3. Section A repeats (0:28 – 0:36).

4. Section B repeats with some variation and a different ending phrase in order to progress into the next section (0:36 – 0:52).

5. Section C (0:52 – 1:08): Driving guitars, bass and drums accompanied with a haunting melody played on a combination of heavily effected guitars, piano and synths.

6. Section B repeats for the last time (1:08 – 1:24).

7. Section C repeats as the track builds towards a bit of a break down (1:24 – 1:40).

8. An alternative version of Section A builds nicely into the first breakdown section (1:40 – 1:56).

9: Section D begins with a very Muse-esque bass line. This part builds a good amount of tension (1:56 – 2:12).

10. An extremely loud and dramatic version of Section C that is definitely the peak of intensity within this track. Slightly reminiscent of the work of John Murphy on the film ‘28 Days Later’ (2:12 – 2:28).

11. A variation on the themes of Section D. As the disturbing ending tones of the previous section ring out, ambient guitar chords, piano and bass build into on last rendition of the first theme AKA Section A. (2:28 – 2:46).

12. Section A is repeated, concluding with a wall of sound built from synths, piano, guitar, bass and pure ambience. The noise slowly fades into the distance along with some creepy piano tones, ending this epic journey through the zombie apocalypse.

Sounds a bit like: Black Label Society, Pantera, Muse, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, Limp Bizkit, Lamb of God, Mudvayne…

Ideal for: Opening credits, action movies, Halloween, scenes of destruction / fighting / horror / devastation, extreme sports videos, trailers, motion graphics templates, dramatic montages, zombie themed media, the end of the world…

Love the track but there’s something you would like altered; maybe you would like a longer, shorter or even loop able version? Drop me a message.

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