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Nice work my friend. I wish you many sales. :)

Thanks bro ! Back in business ??

Yes, I’ll write you soon

Nice pack… Especially Night in Montreal..


Thanks Candeed !! I really appreciate :)

Nice pack! – really liking “You’re Little Planet”.

I’m not 100% that this pack fits my current project – but I bought it anyway because I like it so much. Nice work.

Thanks jtryon!! ;)


I just buy the pack thinking they included all the versions you mention in the individual songs.

How can I access the others versions, please?.

I specially need,

1. The short edit version for “App/Service/Product Promotion” created by jakubvejmola : 1:36 Your Little Planet Corp

2. The Promote Version relative to “Business Promoter“ without FX : 1’34 The Promote Version relative to “Business Promoter“ with FX : 1’34 Your Happy Summer

If all the versions are accesible, will be the great.

Thanks for your help.


thanks for the purchase but the versions are notified in the description of the pack. It contains only the four versions you have in the description, not much.
For the versions you need, it’s only in the individual versions of the tracks you need… I’m sorry.
Please see with the Envato staff.

Thanks !


Thanks! Glad you like it!

Damn, you just nailed this one! The first song’s totally like these cool adverts on TV you see in the mornings. Big ups!

Thanks a lot IsaacA!

Love this pack. Used “Night in Montreal” in a promo video for a local non-profit. Thanks for the excellent work, check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuXlTIFIvL4

Thanks a lot for the link :)