Young Male Scream Pack 1

Young Male Scream Pack 1

Man, does this kid have some lungs and his screams were so convincing. This was one of those sessions that caught me totally off guard. There were several kids and adults at the session giving their best screams and I think this kid did better than any of them. He’s a 10 year old kid and he put his heart into it, and it sounds perfectly disturbing, but right on the money for a movie, video game or other project where appropriate. These screams were inspired by and recorded right before Halloween, but these will make a great addition to your project, even if it isn’t for Halloween.

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Included in the pack are the following scream files, with duration:

Young-Male-Scream-1 – 0:01
Young-Male-Scream-2 – 0:02
Young-Male-Scream-3 – 0:01
Young-Male-Scream-4 – 0:01
Young-Male-Scream-5 – 0:01
Young-Male-Scream-6 – 0:02
Young-Male-Scream-7 – 0:01
Young-Male-Scream-8 – 0:02
Young-Male-Scream-9 – 0:01
Young-Male-Scream-10 – 0:01
Young-Male-Scream-11 – 0:02
Young-Male-Scream-12 – 0:01
Young-Male-Scream-13 – 0:01
Young-Male-Scream-14 – 0:02
Young-Male-Scream-15 – 0:02
Young-Male-Scream-16 – 0:01
Young-Male-Scream-17 – 0:01
Young-Male-Scream-18 – 0:01