You Win

You Win

You Win! (2×2 set)

This set includes 2 tiny sound pieces, 2 slightly different variations each. Here’s a list of files you get:
You Win! 1.a (4 sec.)
You Win! 1.b (4 sec.)
You Win! 2.a (3.5 sec.)
You Win! 2.b (3.5 sec.)
In the preview they’re placed one by one in that order.

It’s a sound expression of a triumph’s emotions, when someone wins something, receiving congratulations, when some job is finished, when you get an extra-bonus etc  :)
Pieces are pretty good for games, podcasts, animation, your personal youtube-projects… and when you feel like you deserve a prize, you’ll be totally the winner with these things!

Besides, the second piece (You Win! 2.a, 2.b) can be succesfully used in your software/web applications as a signal that some work is done, some task is completed or some event is occured.

Please note, that I also have an opposite mood and feelings in my “Wrong Answer”.
And I even have a preface for such a big events: “Preparing To Announcement Drum-roll”!
So be my guest  :)

If you want some custom edition of this piece, feel free to contact me. In simple cases this can be done for free.

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