You can Dream a New Dream

You can Dream a New Dream

It’s time to throw the door open and GREET THE WORLD! We’ve got LOTS TO DO TODAY, Places to GO and people to SEE, and we’re going to use my NEW TRACK You can DREAM a NEW DREAM each and EVERY DAY to give a MAXIMUM BOOST to happiness!
It’s a great little tune with VOCALS by legendary vocalist BLACKLAMP ;) Piano, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Ukulele, and more!

Great for commercials, flash games, corporate projects, etc: It’s an excellent track for your project!

I’ve got a spring in my step
and the wind blowing through my hair
it’s time to find my place
and it’s looking good right up there

Step into the street and meet
the lovely people
I can hear their songs and they
carry me along

The trees all dance
And the birds don’t fly away
you can find a new dream
each and every single day

I’m gonna be free
I’m gonna be me
and You’re gonna see
that life is never empty

Don’t be afraid
of choices you made
stay here with me
and we can be together

Hope you’ll enjoy this one !
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