You Are The Reason

You Are The Reason

Passionate and beautiful R&B ballad with lead female vocal and background harmonies on chorus. Joyous and uplifting with a highly polished production sound. Warm and feel good vibe throughout.

Comes in two versions in high quality WAV and MP3 formats:

1. You Are The Reason (2:32)
2. You Are The Reason (Instrumental) (2:32)

Add some soul to your next production. Lyrics:

“You make me whole again
Living in shadows then
Just wait a little while
You can bring back my smile

I want to love you right
Stand up alone and fight
Want to be by your side
Let the truth decide

Teach us tonight
because we’re searching for the sun
You are the reason
Though our world has come undone
Don’t hide away
You are the reason we are here
We need you with us
And to guide us again with our fears
You are the reason, you are the reason.”