Discussion on Wonderful

Discussion on Wonderful

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Very, very good track. I bet, in my country (Ukraine) -Your music would be popular. Your work is very Wonderful. Thank you, Tim.

Great Track Tim! :-)

Wow. You’re a genius Tim. Hats off, your music always manages to lift my spirit.

I love the lyrics in this one. Great chord choices and mixing quality, too! Keep it up Tim!

Really very good track!!!

Thanks very much :)

Hi, This and Beautiful Day are great tracks. I would really like to get hold of instrumentals versions of them both to use in conjunction with the vocal versions for an edit I’m working on. Do you have these available?

Hi there! Instrumental versions are made available upon request to customers who have purchased an extended license. If you have already purchased the extended license for these tracks, please write here and Khaili will get them to you :) Thanks!

The song is very beautiful and has a high sentimental. I’m glad someone like you is number one on this platform.

Appreciate it :) Thanks!

Hey Tim. I’m not very into this kind of music, but this track is sssooooo good. Touching and really well done. Amazing!!!

Appreciate the kind words :)

Helloo! I just bought your Wonderful track. This is what i did with it:

Verrry cool work :) Thanks for licensing and letting me know about the use, I appreciate it very much!

Hi Tim! In the following week I will purchase about 10 of your great music. You are going to be the main music for a big Movie DVD about windsurfing with a free distribution. I am editing the DVD for one of my clients from Italy and I have choose you! ;) Great Work M8! I will keep you connected! Thx Vio!

Hey my friend, that’s great news :)

Thanks for the recent purchase and the ones to come, I very much appreciate it! Happy editing :)

Is possible have the text for know exactly the word? My english is low and have big problem to understand all…because i need a music for one client company.

Hello friend, please scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the lyrics there :) Lyrics for all my music with vocals will always be on the item pages. Thanks!

Hey Tim,

I just wanted to thank you for your music. We discovered you a few months ago and really like your work.

Most recently we used 3 of your songs in a mini-doc we did for VetsRoll (an organization which takes vets on a 4 day bus tour to DC). Your music fit perfectly. We used “Wonderful” as the final song which we’re hearing brings many viewers to tears during :) Here’s the video if you’re interested in seeing just one more way your music is being used:

Keep up the great work- I’m sure we’ll be purchasing much more from you in the future!

-Stephen Pickering, Drywater Productions

Can you direct me to the extended license tab so that I can consider all costs? I may want this option in order to obtain the instrumental. Thanks.

Sure! There is a little down arrow right next to the license type that will allow you to select between different licenses. :) Just left of the price

Thanks. It does not mention extended license and there are four options. Which one allows for obtaining the instrumental version. Thanks.

Hello again, for that info please click the support tab on the page or just follow this link and it will give you the options :)

Wonderful work! I used as soundtrack for my slideshow template. Thanks!

Thanks for using my music in your great project :) I’ve also added your project to my page’s collections: