With You

With You

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About This Track

A fun, upbeat, happy go lucky indie rock song. “With You” is experiencing that joyous moment with your significant other. Life is great, the world is yours, and you have someone truly awesome to share it with.

“With You” has a versatile feel that’s great for a number of different projects.

This package comes with customizable arrangements:
Full track: [2:47] (Preview at 0:00 – 2:47)
Instrumental track: [2:47] (Preview at 2:48 – 5:36)

Verse 1:
The world set a scene for you and for me,
I could tell by the way the sky was looking to please,
And the times that we walked, going through and oh through,
In that moment I felt that I could go anywhere,

With you!

Verse 2:
In the sun we were free, in the meadows and streams,
Oh, the time that ticked was fleeting we must keep moving,
Oh the mornings we saw, oh the evenings we walked,
In that moment I knew I’m anywhere,

Chorus Repeat

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