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Winds Of Inspiration


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Feel good! Captivating, delightful, dreamy, fulfilling, exhilarating, thrilling, reflective, thoughtful and smart Moby sound alike theme featuring piano, warm strings, pumping electronic drums (with a punch) and synths that make it mainstream, modern, youthful, catchy, cool and trendy.

The atmosphere is glowing, ethereal, hypnotizing, stirring, soaring, pensive, soothing, warming, cheering, melancholic, longing, nostalgic and wistful. It inspires happiness, peacefulness, optimism and success. Beautiful!

Introspective, fine, shiny and easy listening downtempo song, perfect background music for advertising, inspiring corporate videos (motivational, leadership, team building…), business presentation, film, tv commercial, promo, ad, intro, opener, etc.

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IMPORTANT TO YOUTUBE USERS: This song is registered with AdRev. To clear any copyright claims on your videos (including monetized videos), simply visit this page, enter your details and video link and copy/paste the contents from your purchased License Certificate into the message box. Claims are removed within 24 – 96 hours and you’ll receive an email once this has been cleared. You may want to keep your uploaded video listed as ‘private’ until this process has been completed. Thanks!


This song has been used as background music in the AT&T commercial “Life Moves”. You can check it out here:

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