Wild and Free Kit

Wild and Free Kit

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An acoustic guitar based track, with lots of rhythms, clapping, stomping and upbeat feel good vibe. Theres plenty of sections, its easily editable, and has a strong beat to keep listeners engaged.

0:00 – 2:41 Demo 1 (2:41)
2:41 – 4:05 Demo 2 (1:24)
4:05 – 6:03 Demo 3 (1:57)

Included song sections:

01_IntroA_Short (0:05) Acoustic guitar and hand clap intro
02_IntroB_AddStomps (0:10) Adding foot stomp rhythms
03_ChorusA (0:19) First full chorus
04_VerseA (0:19) Verse section with melodic piano lines.
05_VerseB_AddKeys (0:19) Second Verse, adding electric piano stabs.
06_BreakdownA (0:10) Acoustic guitar and stick rhythm percussion
07_BreakdownB (0:10) Breakdown section adding bass and keys
08_ChorusB (0:19) Second full chorus, adding electric piano in the second half
09_VerseC_ExtraPercs (0:19) Third verse, adding extra percussion
10_BreakdownC_PercsOnly (0:10) Breakdown, with only percussive elements
11_OutroA_AbruptEnd (0:19) Final chorus with a sudden stop ending
12_OutroB_NaturalDecay (0:05) A Chord to end, with a full natural decay.
13_OutroC_ExtraStops (0:02) An alternate Ending with 3 stops