Premium-quality whoosh transition sound pack including 32 organic whooshes, carefully recorded and produced to the highest standard.: Recorded, designed and produced in 96kHz 24 Bit. Envato does not support these high quality formats – if you need the best quality possible for maximum flexibility in post-production, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Details matter, therefore some of the whooshes move in both directions, left to right and right to left. If you wish to use the sounds in more than one single project, please choose the SFX Multi-Use License.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for custom sound design. For more tracks, sounds and logo idents, please see our quick music search below.

Included Variations:

Whoosh 1 (00:01)
Whoosh 2 (00:01)
Whoosh 3 (00:01)
Whoosh 4 (00:01)
Whoosh 5 (00:01)
Whoosh 6 (00:01)
Whoosh 7 (00:01)
Whoosh 8 (00:01)
Whoosh 9 (00:01)
Whoosh 10 (00:01)
Whoosh 11 (00:01)
Whoosh 12 (00:01)
Whoosh 13 (00:01)
Whoosh 14 (00:01)
Whoosh 15 (00:01)
Whoosh 16 (00:01)
Whoosh 17 (00:01)
Whoosh 18 (00:01)
Whoosh 19 (00:01)
Whoosh 20 (00:01)
Whoosh 21 (00:01)
Whoosh 22 (00:01)
Whoosh 23 (00:01)
Whoosh 24 (00:02)
Whoosh 25 (00:02)
Whoosh 26 (00:02)
Whoosh 27 (00:09)
Whoosh 28 (00:02)
Whoosh 29 (00:02)
Whoosh 30 (00:01)
Whoosh 31 (00:02)
Whoosh 32 (00:03)

High Quality WAV and MP3 files included

Whooshes - 1

Whooshes - 2

Whooshes - 3

Whooshes - 4

Whooshes - 5

Whooshes - 6

This modern whoosh sound effect is ideal for many modern media productions including film, video games, promo, movie trailer, game trailer, tv, game, transition, show, event, presentation, opener, intro, logo reveal, broadcast, branding, advertisement, infographic, website, YouTube channel, vlog, promo, slideshow, business video, Vimeo channel, startup video, marketing video, news, game trailer, featurette, app promo, book promo, app trailer, game, radio jingle, ident, YouTube channel, advertising campaign, titles, and many more.

Our music has been licensed in over 70 countries all around the globe by award-winning filmmakers, marketing and advertising agencies, national and international corporations and brands, and many more.
Our vast client list spans from brand-new small businesses to some of the world’s most established and successful companies like BMW. Productions using our music have been broadcast worldwide.

If you need custom edits or custom music, please contact us directly on

No matter if you’re working on a feature film, TV show, movie trailer, advertising campaign, vlog, channel trailer, game, app, podcast, corporate video, slideshow, book trailer, social media campaign, event, presentation or anything else – our mission is to help you make your project sound awesome!

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