Whoosh Bamboo Low Pitch

Whoosh Bamboo Low Pitch

Real bamboo cane.

Many samples of fast whoosh samples subdivided in two different sections!

Samples from 1 to 5 are five whoosh samples with different pitch and different gestures.

Samples from 5 to 10 are five whoosh sample with different pitch and different gestures and interesting pan movement (from left to right and right to left).

Fit perfectly for youtube presentations, buttons in applications software, video game, cartoon, advertising and many other project!

See below the detailed list:

01-whoosh bamboo-lp (0:01)

02-whoosh bamboo-lp (0:01)

03-whoosh bamboo-lp (0:01)

04-whoosh bamboo-lp (0:01)

05-whoosh bamboo-lp (pan fx) (0:01)

06-whoosh bamboo-lp (pan fx) (0:01)

07-whoosh bamboo-lp (pan fx) (0:01)

08-whoosh bamboo-lp (pan fx) (0:01)

09-whoosh bamboo-lp (pan fx) (0:01)

10-whoosh bamboo-lp (pan fx) (0:01)

To use individually, loop or mix with each others!

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the samples are included in the download package.

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Thanks! Davide!