Whiskey In A Wineglass

Whiskey In A Wineglass

WHISKEY IN A WINEGLASS (song with vocals)


An fun and upbeat country rock track with female vocals, the song is simply a fun internal monologue about a woman out on the town in the Deep South.

The track is fun and energetic, and has a good groove throughout.

Vocalist: Tara Norton
Guitarist: Willis Clow


I don’t need a limo for a night on the town
I like a bright red mustang with the top pulled down
I’ll wear the boots, you can keep the gown
Ya gotta see
I’m not the girl that you save
I’m the one that saves you
I can blow a kiss baby but I’ll throw a punch too
pour another shot, leave the bottle when you’re through
I’m just looking for a good ol time tonight
I ain’t trying to start a fight
But keep your hands to yourself ‘less I tell you what to do

Cuz I’m like
whisky in a wine glass
tougher than you think
looks real pretty till it kicks ya in the teeth
best make it real if you want to walk with me
I’ll take my
whiskey in a wine glass
Leave it on the bar
drinking other stuff don’t get me very far
best ante up if you want to talk to me

Hell yeah, I’ll take that drink

You can come sit here but if you act a fool
I’ll drink you under the bar and take your money at pool
but you could come and talk
I ain’t got a ring on my hand
Well I ain’t real shy but you could ask around
I’m just a down home girl in a big ol’ town
I like good clean fun and
hangin’ out with the boys from the band
I told you once, I won’t tell you twice
you can act right here or you can take it outside
I don’t put up with much nonsense in a man

(same as above)

So if you take me out on a Friday night
upscale dinner it’s all real nice
Then you lean in real close outside your car
And I’ll say “baby, let’s go out to the bar”

Same as above, repeats to end.


Track available in both WAV and MP3 format. Please contact me if you need additional music editing.

Thanks for listening. I hope you will find a good use for this track in your projects.