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Sweet track Matt! Very calming – I was picturing a scene with athletes in deep thought preparing for their next event whilst listening to this!

Thanks Gari! That’s exactly the mood I was trying to set, so good to see it worked! :)


Haha! Cheers Tony! I went for the ‘post-rock’ feel in this one – which basically means loads of reverb and twanging the plectrum on one string as fast as I could! :)

Amazing music! Add to bookmarks ;)

Thanks for the kind words dude! Most appreciated :)

Great Track!
Bookmarked to Audiojungle Authors Music Collection!

Cheers Alex! Very happy you like it! :)

Great Track Man, love the vibe.

Cheers dude! Most appreciated :)

Very atmospheric and beautiful! Nice track! :)

Thanks for the comment Leon! Glad you like it :)

Cheers, Matt

This is truly beautiful. Kind of has an Explosions in the Sky feel with that guitar. Looks like a lot of people see it’s worth buying already! That’s gotta be exciting. :)

Thanks Phil, that’s very kind of you :) EITS are one of my favourite bands, so probably a major influence on this! Yeah, so far people seem to like it, so maybe more like this to come!

Youtube demo “Audiojungle Hits 4” includes your track

Thanks Alex! Most appreciated! :-)

Nice work! Good mix off ambiance and arrangement.

Cheers mate! Glad you like it. Most appreciated :)

This is stunning Matt. Wow. I just heard it for the first time and just loved it. Awesome musical choices and A-grade production. Ok I’m going to listen to more of your music right now. Great job, sir. :)

Thanks so much Jamie. Glad you like it. Just had the privilege of having this one included in the upcoming Envato corporate bundle too, so should get some nice exposure from that!

Amazing job! This is great.

Thanks so much for the kind words! Glad you like it :-)

Hello, I used your song on a unlisted video on youtube, just as background music. I got this song through the Corporate bundle a while ago, I am getting this copyright notice from “AlumoMusic-We Are Victorious-AlumoMusic”, sound recording administered by: AdRev for a 3rd Party

Where can I obtain the license so I may dispute this. Since I bought the bundle which included this song, I do believe I have a right to use it freely. I am making no money on this video, hell only 3 people will ever see it. Please respond

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The copyright notice you’re receiving on your YouTube video is just to inform you that it has matched my music on their system and this is normal for use of my music on YouTube.

You have two choices; either ‘acknowledge’ the claim and continue as normal – advertising may run on your video if you choose to do this. If you wish to have any advertising removed however, please send a link to your video to and mention that you’ve licensed the music (We Are Victorious) from ‘Matt Harris/AlumoMusic’ and they will promptly release any claims.

Hope this helps, and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Many thanks,

Matt Harris

Composer & Producer // AlumoAudio

I have had the same problem with a dispute on YouTube, even though I purchased a valid license to use this music. I think it is ridiculous that I need to now follow a process to resolve a “claim” for music I properly paid for.

Needless to say, I won’t be purchasing any more of your music. There are too many other gifted artists on here that don’t make legal customers jump through such hoops.

Thanks for getting in touch with your feedback. I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the situation regarding this.

However, due to heavy online piracy, theft and infringement of copyright of my works, especially via YouTube (whereby users have unlawfully ‘ripped’ my music from other videos and used it on their own and/or made available via illegal download sites, causing thousands of dollars worth of lost personal revenue), I have had to impose such measures so that I am able to track such illegitimate usages and that only authorised license holders may have claims removed from their videos.

I ask for your understanding on this and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you.

If you do wish to have any claims promptly removed from any of your videos, please email with the url of your video and mention that you have used music by ‘Matt Harris/AlumoMusic’ and they will quickly release any claims.


Matt Harris

Composer & Producer // AlumoAudio

Translation: You have a problem and have shifted the burden to legal customers to resolve it.

Great i add this in my video a m a z i n g :)

Thank you for the purchase and kind words Stefan! It’s most appreciated! :)

-Matt // AlumoAudio

Wow wow wow… I had a youtube video using this track bookmarked and now I discovered who the author is. What a great piece of music!

Thanks man! That’s most kind of you to say! Maybe one day it will rise back from the ocean floor of the AJ search engine haha ;) Cheers! -Matt

I don’t know how music like this is supposed to be found. Cleary not by typing “inspiration” into the search box :) I look forward to some new material from you. It also helps to shake the water a little and bring up items from the floor :) best regards, Vasja

Well I’m deciding if it’s still worth uploading my backlog of tracks onto AJ, as these days it’s mostly a wasted effort and seems the relative success I once enjoyed here is well and truly over. We shall see! Thanks again Vasja! :)