Warm Acoustic Pack

Warm Acoustic Pack

Warm acoustic guitar pack of three tracks featuring fingerpicking guitars, strumming acoustic guitars, piano, harmonics and acoustic drums. Perfect fo for: love stories, valentines day, weddings videography, family movies, wedding slideshow, wedding movie, wedding story, wedding background, wedding ceremony, wedding film, wedding film, wedding photography, wedding day, wedding dance, getting married, piano inspiring, wedding vlog, wedding makeup, marriage, marriage video ceremony, cinematic wedding, wedding song, wedding trailer, hopeful cinematic, inspiring hopeful, drone video, motivational presentations.

Good choice when you loocking for: Happy Wedding Music, soulful music, sentimental music, piano music, family music, romantic music, elegant romantic music, peaceful music, sentimental piano, romantic piano, sentimental music, Photos Slides, elegant piano, hopeful piano, background piano, peaceful piano, calm piano. Also good for christian themes: god, christian conference, christian event, christianity, church, conference, confession, Jesus, spiritual, sermon, prayer, christian music.
Item included:


  • Home – 2:27
  • Home (Medium) – 1:11
  • Home (Medium2) – 0:52
  • Home (Short) – 0:32
  • Home (Short2) – 0:25

  • A Family
  • A Family – 2:14
  • A Family (Medium) – 0:59
  • A Family (Short) – 0:42
  • A Family (Loop1) – 0:18
  • A Family (Loop2) – 0:18

  • Family
  • Family – 2:25
  • Family (Medium) – 0:58
  • Family (Short) – 0:39
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