War Scene

War Scene


An emperor of a great kingdom fell down with an cracked arm on a glorious war defeat while expecting a hilarious victory. He never gave up and abandon his troopies, realized that he couldn’t live indispense with his honor and kingdom. Synths, pads, drums and vocal loops and are used to create this fruity sound taste.

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If you are interested to use my music for your next project , feel free to contact me, or simply download a watermarked preview file of the track you like on my portfolio. If you need any edits, sound FX or rearrangements to songs, let me know, it`s free! After you uploaded your project, please let me know about it and send me the link (like usual) so I can post the thumbnail on my profile/item page too, so that I can promote it on my AJ profile, Twitter, Google+, FB, YouTube… Cheers!