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Has compuesto una melodía deliciosa.

Thank you very much, Snabisch :)

Perfectly !

Thank you again,Twiner :)

Very nice track!) Good luck!

Thank you :)

This is a great track!

Thank you very much :)

nice, dude, very nice! im really like it!

Thank you, FarmakonManiac :)

Cool sound, nicely done!

Thank you again, Kaleidoscores :)

cheerful and positive, very good

Thank you, GProjectFrankie :)

BEWARE: This audio track will be picked up on YouTube as copyrighted material. I’m not sure if the artist is putting in the claims but YouTube is trying to block my video because I purchased and used this audio.

Sorry for problem, I think it from AdRev. Now I contact the AdRev for cancel all of Claim and cancel for account.

Thanks Noplmocha, Yes it was AdRev who put in the claim. Thanks for looking into this.

Hi, I think you can use the song, if you purchased it. AdRev send this link to me http://dexterbritain.co.uk/adrev-and-youtube/

And some message… We can easily release the claim on this video instead of closing your account. Can you send me the link to the video?

Also, we have other artists who license their music, and their licensees will get claims on their videos because they’ve also uploaded it into AdRev to find unauthorized uses. Unfortunately, YouTube’s content id system can’t distinguish between a match that is licensed, and one that’s unauthorized. One of our artists, Dexter Britain, has written a great blog post about why he uses AdRev and how his licensees should probably dispute claims so our team can quickly release them. It’s definitely worth the read:


Thank you very much

Hello :-( We have the same problem. The music we bought here and Youtube claims that this is protected. We have filed an appeal. “NopImocha-Waiting for the Light-AJ preview-2832” sound recording, Maintained by: ADRev Rights Holder for your objection response is expected by 6/24/14.

That would mean that we have to wait a whole month before we can use the video as appropriate. It is a political campaign ad and the campaign is over in a month. The video is indeed played but without thumbnail. Not a good advertisement. Not very customer friendly and has therefore become unusable. Very sad because a great music.

regards Train 5 GmbH

“NopImocha-Waiting for the Light-AJ preview-2832” This is preview track? “AJ preview-2832” The preview track can’t used on youtube.

You can use the song (not preview track) if you purchased it. “How To Dispute” http://dexterbritain.co.uk/adrev-and-youtube/

If you try “How To Dispute” but still problem, I’ll contact ADRev for this problem.

Thank you very much And sorry for my bad English. Regards Noppaon

Hello Noppaon,

dont panic. My English is not better. I have never used a preview. That’s just what ADRev or their search engine says. At some points in the video you can hear original voices in the background. Maybe the search engine thinks it was the Envato watermark. I have a zip file from Jungle with three versions of the song as mp3 and wav respectively. I Used “I Waiting for the Light-Full.mp3” with a size of 6,039,617 from 13.09.2012 10:19. Meanwhile, I have deleted the file on youtube and posted on Vimeo. Want it but still like to publish on Youtube. Here is the link to the video on vimeo http://vimeo.com/96392355

regards Michael

Hi Michael I’‘m waiting the response from AdRev for your case.

If you upload your video on youtube again, you can send me the youtube link and I can manage “Submit Link – Unclaimed this video”

Regards Noppaon

Great music !

Thank you very much! motionpictors :)

Used this track in the middle of an anniversary video for my church. High quality, great track. Check it out if you want: http://vimeo.com/79203404 Thanks for the quality work.

Thank you very much, theskyfloor. Great work ! :)

Great track!

Thank you very much, blowball :)

Hello Noplmocha,

I am getting the same YouTube Content ID Claim on a video I did using this song. What do I need to do? Send you the link to the video or do I File a dispute on YouTube and show them the Licence I got from Envanto? Any Help is appreciated. Oh and I did purchase the track. Thanks!

Hi, jasonmendez17

You can send a video link to my email, and I will conduct them. cookie248@gmail.com Or you can complete yourself here http://adrev.net/contact-us Claims are removed within 24 – 96 hours

Thank you very much

And you can read about YouTube Content ID,

How to clear a YouTube copyright notice on this page https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/204484680?_ga=1.202381777.1170696498.1410177729

Thank you very much :)

I purchased this song and used it in my videos which I have on Youtube and now you have claimed the rights to the song and have put ad’s on my videos.

Hi, You can send your youtube links to me, for unclaim your video (not want ads to show) thank you very much.