Vogue Energetic Style

Vogue Energetic Style

Vogue Energetic Style

Stylish music track that fits well with many projects. Featuring groovy dynamic rhythm, live driving guitars and atmospheric woman vocals recorded specially for this track. Block structure of the track allows easily to cut and replace parts. 5 versions included.

Indie, pop, alternative rock, electronica

Electric guitars, vocals, drums, bass, percussions, synths

Nice for:
Fashion reels, sport events, stylish background for presentations, brand products advertisement (cars, perfume, etc.), footages, TV spots, film dynamic and energetic scenes, drone videos, lifestyle videos, motivational sport reels, YouTube vlogs, Vimeo vids, shows, handmade blogs, inspiring timelapses, slideshows, openers and promo.

Similar to:
Portugal.The Man, Sofi Tukker, Jacob Banks, Imagine Dragon, Rag’n’Bone Man

Lyrics (Version with NO Lyrics available too):
Love, dream, take.
Love, dream, desire.

Love, dream anything.

Love, dream, take anything.
Love, dream, desire anything.

* This track is produced for easy cutting and combining in any structure.
* Lengths:
- 2:07 – Main (full) version, starts at 0:00 at the preview
- 1:03 – starts at 2:07
- 0.30 – starts at 3:11
- 0.15 – starts at 3:42
- 2.07 – Full version with NO VOCALS, starts at 3:57
* WAV + MP3 in ZIP
* Tempo – 115 bpm

Dear customers! I’ve interviewed my friends, among whom there are people of completely different professions and mindsets. I asked them what kind of association this track causes. Perhaps their answers will help you to imagine what kind of associations will help support the track among your viewers:

- “immediately associated with the sport event and then with the advertising of gadgets…”

- “suited and criminal plot”

- “fitness, aerobics…”

- “lively rhythmic actions of people. Let’s say a boxer training. ...There may be races around the city on expensive cars. View from the height. Like it goes surveillance… fashion .. black and white, flashes, quick frame changes. The performance on the guitar reminded song 60th about drifting or something”

- “Detective, investigation, search for evidence… also electroclub with energetic modern dances”

- “Night, the light of lights, something fashionable, dark glasses, first gait, fashion show”

- “Association with music from Guy Ritchie movies … something criminal … chase”

- “Eastern martial arts … In general, sports, rapidly changing images of dynamic sports … somehow, the first thing that comes to mind”

- “For some reason, I have an association with ‘Need Fore Speed’, and to the sounds of the inscription fly out in their own style \\)” title=” :)” /> “

- “It reminds me of something like ‘Snatch’ and other Guy Richie films. Type of robbery, banks, chases”

- “fashion … brutal, dynamic”

- “Las Vegas, the game on the edge, the risk, excitement, light erotic)) something like that)) and another competitive effect of some kind (such as preparation for some kind of competition)...”

- “Hello! Reminds a detective story, sometimes a race and dances. Also my favorite is the process of creation, the preparation of something will also be good for this track.”

- “I felt the general leitmotif: the temptations and risks … fashion, sales, or promo for something fashionable or status. It could be a fashion show and an advertisement for a smartphone or car … It’s more about financial games, exchanges, bitcoins and etc … the desire to quickly enter a new status. And then I thought about business education. And it fits into this concept: get rich and fulfill all your desires) ”

- “Such a cheerful track, warm, for some reason I have an association with the advertisement of a refreshing drink, such a hot summer video. Still can because of such cowboy-western surroundings.”

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