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Sweet!! Used this on my demo reel. Check it out if you are interested.



Oh, its realy cool video! Thanks for use my music! And check out my portfolio for more

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Hey Neoclassic,

i love this song and use it in Real on one of our Product reviews on Youtube.


Thank you for this great song :-)

Thank you very much for the link! It looks smooth and professional. If you will have something for me give me the link please. Good luck!

You just issued a Copyright claim on a work of mine on YouTube. I purchased the song for my trailer. I use several names online, Irishspacemonk, NateCreates, Mountain Hut Media, but all royalty-free purchases are made by Nathan Sullivan. You should realize that when someone purchases your music, they are doing so to give you $$, and stay within the copyright laws. This isn’t a license for you to make revenue off their creative work.

Hello! Really sorry for that issue. I think it happens because recently I turned on a youtube monetization of that track on Tunecore. I will fix it and you will have no problems.