Vintage Soul Jazz Pack 01

Vintage Soul Jazz Pack 01

Vintage Soul Jazz Pack 01 - 1

We are pleased to present our first package of music in the style of traditional soul jazz!

Three tracks for the price of two!

This style of music is now also relevant, as it was when it was first invented, thanks to its positive mood, drive, ease of perception, as well as a fair amount of irony and intrigue. Soul jazz music is often used by the most eminent directors in films and serials, on television, in advertising, etc.

The package includes:

Vintage Cheeky Soul Jazz

This exciting, cheeky, stylish and manly track is recorded in the style of rhythmic soul jazz using drums, percussion, double bass, vintage electro-organ, brass and solo jazz octave guitar. The track is so universal in its way that it is perfect for any of your works, in which you want to emphasize the mood of the western, gangster, spy, travel, safari, etc.

What does it include?

vintage_soul_jazz_main– 2:09

vintage_soul_jazz_short_01 – 1:00

vintage_soul_jazz_short_02 – 0:30

vintage_soul_jazz_short_03 – 0:16

vintage_soul_jazz_logo – 0:04

Entertainment Funk Soul Jazz

This lively, cheerful, cheerful, positive track was recorded in the style of rhythmic funk soul jazz using drums, percussion, double bass, piano, guitar, brass with a solo-jazz subtonal flute. It is ideal as a backdrop to interactive television shows such as cooking shows, comedy shows, travel shows, commercials, vlogs, corporate presentations, and more.

What does it include?

entertainment_funk_soul_jazz_main – 2:11

entertainment_funk_soul_jazz_short_01 – 1:07

entertainment_funk_soul_jazz_short_02 – 0:41

entertainment_funk_soul_jazz_short_03 – 0:27

entertainment_funk_soul_jazz_short_logo – 0:05

Espionage Brave Vintage Jazz

This elegant, bold and steep track is so universal in its kind that it can be used in advertising women’s jewelry or cosmetics, and at the same time in advertising cars and motorcycles, stylish men’s suits, men’s perfumes. It is ideal for feature films, documentaries, cartoons, corporate videos, Youtube videos, fashion shows, TV shows, circus or theater productions, dance numbers, etc. Themes can be very diverse: from humorous programs, interactive television games, quizzes, culinary shows and to documentary films, television programs about spies, agents, mafia (in a somewhat ironic and retro sense). In music, instruments such as jazz solo electric guitar, rhodes, piano, trumpets and saxophones, double bass, drums and percussion are used.

What does it include?

espionage_brave_vintage_jazz_main – 2:06

espionage_brave_vintage_jazz_short_01 – 1:02

espionage_brave_vintage_jazz_short_02 – 0:33

espionage_brave_vintage_jazz_short_03 – 0:17

espionage_brave_vintage_jazz_loop – 0:06