Vintage Rotary Phone Pack

Vintage Rotary Phone Pack

The classic sound that you can get by a vintage rotary phone.

Sampled in every part!

Samples with a logarithmic fade in e out. This give you the possibility to merge the samples and create your personal vintage phone efx!

Fit perfectly for youtube presentations, applications software, video game, cartoon, advertising and many other project!

The sound package includes:

01-vintage phone ringing 1 (0:26)

01-vintage phone ringing 2 (0:17)

02-holding up the phone (0:07)

03-hang up the phone 1 (0:01)

03-hang up the phone 2 (0:03)

04-dialing the number (fast) (0:11)

04-dialing the number (slow) (0:10)

05-dialing the number (single 1) (0:02)

05-dialing the number (single 2) (0:03)

05-dialing the number (single 3) (0:02)

05-dialing the number (single 4) (0:02)

06-simulation of call (0:19) (holding the phone / the line went dead and hang up)

Take a look in my portfolio for other sound packs samples!

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the samples are included in the download package.

Thanks, Davide!