Very Epic

Very Epic

Beautiful cinematic inspiring track. Great for any action inspirational video projects, trailers, teasers, advertising etc. Gentle piano with staccato violins supporting by powerful legato strings section, brass, cymbals, percussion and low taiko drum.

Dramatic Cinematic Trailer Action Adventure
Very intense hybrid epic music – perfect for dramatical scenes, trailer and teasers.

Intense Action Running
Very energetic intense music – great as a soundtrack for action movies or videogames.

Epical Dubstep
Powerful abd inspirational hybryd epic music with dubstep elements.

Ambient Technology
This music is perfect for technologial presentations.

Beautiful inspirational and motivational music for great videos about achievements.

Sciense Documentary
This audio builds with strong sounds and an inspiring feel. Picture a main character exploring a new world or space.

Hip-Hop Jazz
This positive music is perfect as background music for youtube blog.

Family Holiday
Very bright, kind, sweet and positive music for your family video!

Trip Hop and Lounge
Very soft, kind and relaxing trip-hop muisc – perfect for fashion projects.

Action Breakbeat
Very Strong and powerful intense breakbeat music with rock elements.

Ambient Space Technology
Space trip.

Adventire Opening
Great epic adventure opening. Strong music with chior and ethnic elements – best choise to open your epic fantasy movie and best soundtrack to your adventure trailer!

Our bestseller. Brutal and hard edge big beat with acid synths, breakbeat, breaks and distortion guitars. Perfect for extreme biking or car racing visuals, as well as sport, action and shooting movie scenes.