Verdi Dies Irae

Verdi Dies Irae

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About the Track

Please note – this item has been updated to the version 3.0!
New features:
- better and more epic sound
- more realistic in sound
- more energetic

Massive, epic and dramatic classical track made with epic symphonic orchestra and massive choir. This is the music you hear in every commercial/movie when the big drama is described and is one of the classical pieces that still sounds contemporary and can be used in today’s application/projects.

Composed by Guiseppe Verdi.
Produced by Rafael Krux.
Production, mixing and mastering: Dual Horns Studio Ltd

Content and versions

Verdi Dies Irae (1:30)
Verdi Dies Irae No Choir (1:30) – version without choir – starts at 1:30 in preview
Verdi Dies Irae 60 (0:59) – approx 60 seconds cut – starts at 3:00 in preview
Verdi Dies Irae 30 (0:36) – approx 30 seconds cut – starts at 3:59 in preview
Verdi Dies Irae 15 (0:20) – approx 15 seconds cut – starts at 4:35 in preview

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