Valentine Pack

Valentine Pack

A wonderful selection of 5 Romantic Valentine tracks suitable for any of your projects.

The pack consist of:

  1. Valentine day – 1:43 (Mark: 00:00)

    Beautiful emotionally fulfilling music perfect for romantic videos, Valentine day videos, photo slideshows, motivational presentations, wedding videos and etc

  2. Valentine – 2:09 (Mark: 1:44)

    Positive orchestral track with solo accordion. The track conveys the mood of love, happiness and joy.

  3. Wedding Piano – 2:11 (Mark: 3:54)

    Very beautiful, gentle, sensual and emotional track. It is similar to Yin and Yang. In the track revealed images of femininity in contrast with a male character. In the culmination of all unites in a whirlwind of passions and emotions.

  4. Beach – 3:14 (Mark: 6:07)

    Light, positive dance track in reggae style. Ukulele recorded live in combined with modern sounds to create an atmosphere of relaxation by the sea.

  5. Simple jazz – 2:31 (Mark: 9:21)

    Easy, simple, romantic, sentimental track. Suitable as background or other media projects.

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