US Army Bugle Call Pack

US Army Bugle Call Pack

Music Description

This is a collection of US Army Bugle Calls containing the following. Each call contains a version with and without reverb.

Adjutant’s Call (0:14) – Signals that the adjutant is about to form the guard, battalion, or brigade. The bugler plays the bugle part of the call.

Assembly (0:10) – Signals troops to assemble at a designated place.

Attention (0:07) – Sounds as a warning that troops are about to be called to attention.

Call to Quarters (0:28) – Signals all personnel not authorized to be absent to their quarters for the night.

Church Call (0:34) – Signals religious services are about to begin. The call may also be used to announce the formation of a funeral escort.

Drill Call (0:11) – Sound as a warning to turn out for drill.

Fatigue Call (0:14) – Signals all designated personnel to report for fatigue duty.

Fire Call (0:17) – Signals that there is a fire on the post or in the vicinity. The call is also used for fire drill.

First Call (0:10) – Sound as a warning that personnel will prepare to assemble for a formation.

First Sergeant’s Call (0:08) – Signals that the First Sergeant is about to form the company.

Guard Mounting Call (0:16) – Sound as a warning that the guard is about to be assembled for guard mount.

Mail Call (0:08) – Signals personnel to assemble for the distribution of mail.

Mess Call (0:14) – Signals mealtime.

Officer’s Call (0:08) – Signals all officers to assemble at a designated place.

Pay Day Call (0:28) – A bugle march to announce that troops will be paid.

Recall (0:10) – Signals duties or drills to cease.

Retreat (0:26) – Signals the end of the official day.

Reveille (0:28) – Signals the troops to awaken for morning roll call. Used to accompany the raising of the National Colors.

School Call (0:19) – Signals school is about to begin.

Sick Call (0:13) – Signals all troops needing medical attention to report to the dispensary.

Taps (0:40) – Signals that unauthorized lights are to be extinguished. This is the last call of the day. The call is also sounded at the completion of a military funeral ceremony.

Tattoo (1:05) – Signals that all light in squad rooms be extinguished and that all loud talking and other disturbances be discontinued within 15 minutes.

To Arms (0:26) – Signals all troops to fall under arms at designated places without delay.

To The Color (0:44) – To the Color is a bugle call to render honors to the nation. It is used when no band is available to render honors, or in ceremonies requiring honors to the nation more than once. To the Color commands all the same courtesies as the National Anthem.

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