Uplifting Ukulele

Uplifting Ukulele

This simple and joyful track will add a bright and positive mood to your advertisements and presentations.

It features two simple, catchy whistling themes, supported with a glockenspiel chorus, piano and synth bridges. They are accompanied with ukulele, acoustic guitar, airy synth pads, bass and delicate percussion instruments.

This track is available in both MP3 and WAV formats, and in three edit cuts: with ending, loopable and faded out. The archive contains following files:

2:42 – UpliftingUkulele_ending.mp3
2:42 – UpliftingUkulele_ending.wav
2:40 – UpliftingUkulele_fade.mp3
2:40 – UpliftingUkulele_fade.wav
2:24 – UpliftingUkulele_loop.mp3
2:24 – UpliftingUkulele_loop.wav

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