Uplifting Upbeat Orchestra And Piano

Uplifting Upbeat Orchestra And Piano

Uplifting Piano And Orchestra - 1Uplifting Piano And Orchestra - 2Uplifting Piano And Orchestra - 3

Positive, happy and inspiring background orchestral music track. Tune has a festive and optimistic mood, so if you need to add energy and positive into your project, try this one! Featured instruments: airy strings, festive heroic brass, atmospheric pads, powerful and rhythmic percussion, confident piano, bright chorus, cimbalom and kalimba

This track is great as:
  • Uplifting music track for epic commercial;
  • Upbeat orchestral music background for travel video;
  • Music for uplifting epic trailer and teaser;
  • Energetic orchestral background music for energetic showreel;
  • Cinematic background music for presentation videos;
  • Energetic epic music for motivational video;
  • Orchestral music for action openers;
  • Upbeat background music for youtube video background;
  • Uplifting background music for blog;
This item includes:
  • Uplifting Orchestra And Piano – 2:36 (starts at 0:00 in preview);
  • Uplifting Orchestra And Piano_no melody – 2:36 (starts at 2:36 in preview);
  • Uplifting Orchestra And Piano_1 minute – 0:58 (starts at 5:12in preview);
  • Uplifting Orchestra And Piano_30 seconds – 0:30 (starts at 6:10 in preview);
  • Uplifting Orchestra And Piano_loop – 1:12 (starts at 6:40 in preview);

All versions are represented in WAV an MP3

Uplifting Piano And Orchestra - 4

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