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Will you provide a custom edit for an item I have purchased on Audiojungle?

I sure will!

The rate will be determined based upon the work required. If you are interested in a custom edit, please contact me, Michael Michalski, at:


For proper routing, please format the subject line as follows:

AJ Custom Edit Request – <Item Name>

Substitute the actual item name where it says <Item Name>.

Can I hire you for freelance work?

You sure can!

My rates are always contracted and depend upon the following factors:
  • Deadline for completion
  • Length of finished product
  • Complexity of orchestration
  • Instrumentation
  • License type/Final product ownership
Some examples:
  • The more time I have to deliver, the lower the rate.
  • Pop instrumentation will generally be less than full orchestral instrumentation.
  • The more rights to the track I retain, the lower the rate.

What should I do if I believe there is a flaw in the audio of an item I have purchased, such as a click or pop?

Your first course of action is always to attempt another download of the item from your purchased items on Audiojungle.

If the second download produces the same issue, your next course of action is to contact me via email at sales@michalskimusic.com.

For proper routing, please format the subject line of the email as follows:

AJ Purchased Item Audio Issue – <Item Name>

Substitute the actual item name where it says <Item Name>. State the nature of the issue (pop, click, inappropriate volume reduction, etc) and the time marker for the item where the issue appears. Attach the audio file to the email if your email attachment limitations will not be exceeded. This is so I can verify the issue and compare it with the file submitted to Audiojungle.

If there is an audio flaw with my item, will you send a replacement directly to me via email or allow me to download it directly from you?


If there is an audio flaw with your file, it most likely means that there is an issue with the file stored on Audiojungle. To ensure that the issue is resolved and does not repeat for someone else, the file will be re-uploaded to Audiojungle as an update and will then appear in your downloads as well as the downloads of all other buyers of that track. You can take pride in knowing you have resolved in issue not only for yourself, but for other buyers as well.

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