Discussion on Uplifting & Inspiring Upbeat Energetic Indie

Discussion on Uplifting & Inspiring Upbeat Energetic Indie

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Thanks or the kind feedback ArcanaProduction! I really appreciate it! :)


I purchased this track in 2013. But, I can’t see it on my download list (I can see it on my statement). I think, this is about the price changing. That’s why I can’t appeal to copyright claim on Youtube. What do you offer?

Thanks for getting in touch. If you could let me know the YouTube video that has a copyright claim on I can take care of getting that cleared for you. Kind Regards, Lester

Thanks a lot for the answer. Actually, I used it in lots of videos. But, following video is what I saw first.

I’m checking all our videos now.

So fantastic track! Good luck with sales!

Thank you for the positive feedback Ella_khegay! :) I really appreciate it!

This track is Amazing! How you mix guitars and synth so good? May be you know some good tutorials on this topic?

Thank you for the kind words SoundDye! It’s really appreciated! :) For the guitars I just played and recorded the part in solo a bit slower, then chopped each strum at the transient and moved them tight to the grid so they’re really ‘quantized’. I think I used Sylenth and a found a couple of synth patches (really short decay – no reverb or delay) to blend in under the guitars (doubling up all the same notes as the guitar chords).

Thanks thedrowned! :) I really appreciate the kind feedback!

fantastic work on this, very nice ! i wish you good luck and all the best for your upcoming sales :) ;)

Thank you very much drev0! :) It’s most appreciated! Good luck with sales to you too!

Good day, I’ve found this song, but it is not quite what I have. I wanted to ask can I buy this song ? I translate this video into another language, and I need a song as in the video.

Hi Kwiser.

Thank you for getting in touch. The song in the video you have linked is not actually by me. You could try contacting the YouTube channel and asking them where they bought the music from as it’s likely not to be from Audiojungle.

Sorry I couldn’t help more. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

Kindest Regards, Lester / BlueFoxMusic

Appreciate my project! I used your music!

Awesome work drev0! Thank you very much for using my track in your preview. I really appreciate it! :)

Hi i am interested in buying this sound track for use in YouTube videos i am wondering if i can have my channel ad white listed when I buy it and how long would that process take once the song is purchased as it will be used in all my videos moving forward

Hi rm2kdev,

Just confirming that your channel is now whitelisted. Any problems, please let me know.

Kindest Regards, Lester / bluefoxmusic

Thank you for the fast service BlueFox, really loving this sound track i’ll be sure to check out your library in the future if when i’m in need of more audio.

You’re welcome! :) Glad you like the music and I hope it works great in your videos. Many thanks!

First off, amazing track!

I have a question about arrangement. I’d like to take where the main parts drops around :26, and move it up closer to the beginning of the track. Am I allowed to do a small edit like that? Thanks!

Hi Cr3ated! Thanks for the purchase and kind words about the track. It’s most appreciated!

Yes, you can edit the track however you like.

Cheers, Lester

Just heard this tune while on hold at a new pizza place in town. Really cool to hear your great music in unexpected places!!

Hey bdProductions! That’s awesome! Thank you for letting me know where you heard this track. It’s always great to find out where our songs are being put to use. Cheers mate! :)

my favorite song)

Thank you so much, mysteriouss! :) It’s most appreciated!

Awesome work TranSMaxX! :D Love it! Thank you so much for using my music for your preview. If you have code for a banner I’ll pop it on my item page linking to your item. Best of luck with sales! :)

please tell me, it’s a Stratocaster?)

Hey MilkyRourke! :) No Strat. I wished I had one at the time that I recorded this track though! I used an ESP on neck pickup through an ampsim and doubled up all the notes in the chords with a synth.

Nice ESP, great hands and job, thanks for answer!)

Thank you very much, Kirvi! :) I really appreciate it! :)

Why the name change? it was a perfect title

Hey Digitalsoju! AJ search engine is heavily weighted towards keyword titles now hence the disappearance of original song titles.

Watching “lost in translation” last night than remembered your song :)

Good spot, MetroMusic! That movie was actually the inspiration for the original song title ;) It’s a shame original titles are no longer much use to us anymore. Anyway, hope life is treating you well mate and thanks for letting me know my song popped into your head :)

Thank you very much, dsmproduction! :) It’s most appreciated!

Used it for Youtube Broadcast Package promotion, thank you!

This is awesome work! Ideal for commercial use!

Cheers AudioGem! :) Much appreciated mate!


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