Uplifting Inspiring Orchestral Corporate Pack

Uplifting Inspiring Orchestral Corporate Pack

Uplifting Inspiring Orchestral Corporate Pack - 1 Music description: I assembled this collection of the newest and best tracks specifically for your projects! Music decorate and give the atmosphere of your presentation, ceremony, award, trailer, movie, game, teaser, and other commercial and successful projects! Positive, light and inspiring corporate music. A story about achievements, a presentation, a slide show and any other project where elegance, optimism and inspiration are needed. Motivates and inspires. Optimistic and inspiring epic orchestral royalty free music with dance rhythm. Pulsating strings and drums create the necessary Positive, cheerful and cheerful sound. This soundtrack is perfect for video blogging, advertising, corporate presentation, advertising, video game reviews, trailer, landscape filming and documentary. Easy to cut. that allows you to create tracks of the required length and mood. I have prepared several versions for your convenience.

  1. Uplifting Inspiring Orchestral Corporate

    • Uplifting Inspiring Orchestral Corporate-Full – 2:09
    • Uplifting Inspiring Orchestral Corporate-60sec – 1:03
    • Uplifting Inspiring Orchestral Corporate-30sec – 0:30
    • Uplifting Inspiring Orchestral Corporate-15sec – 0:15

  2. Inspiring Piano Orchestra Corporate

    • Inspiring Piano Orchestra Corporate-Full – 2:19
    • Inspiring Piano Orchestra Corporate-60sec – 1:00
    • Inspiring Piano Orchestra Corporate-30sec – 0:30
    • Inspiring Piano Orchestra Corporate-15sec – 0:15

  3. Inspiring Uplifting Epic Corporate

    • Inspiring Uplifting Epic Corporate-Full – 2:35
    • Inspiring Uplifting Epic Corporate-60sec – 1:06
    • Inspiring Uplifting Epic Corporate-30sec – 0:37
    • Inspiring Uplifting Epic Corporate-15sec – 0:20

Total Time 7:03

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