Uplifting Inspiring Motivational

Uplifting Inspiring Motivational

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Uplifting Inspiring Motivational

A bright, powerful, uplifting pop track – full of energy, positivity and emotion! The driving, memorable guitar line that lies at the heart of this cue is embedded in a radiant kaleidoscope of sounds: Uplifting orchestral strings, moving piano melodies, driving mallets, beautiful bells and rock/pop drums bursting with energy.

The track’s arrangement features a wide dynamic range. Inspirational, light, elegant parts smoothly blend with the big, joyful, energetic highlights.

Here’s what customers are saying:

Add an additional emotional layer to your project. Use this track to tell a story of success, optimism and excitement and create the perfect uplifting, motivating atmosphere to engage and inspire your audience!

Tunediver - Professional Music for your business.

‘Uplifting Inspiring Motivational’ has a proven track record of being a perfect fit for a wide variety of projects like TV commercials, business presentations, explainer videos, montages, slideshows, intros and openers, corporate films and YouTube videos associated with various topics such as travel, real estate, science, sports, family, medicine, lifestyle, health and many more.

Additional edits included!

To give you even more flexibility this package includes 4 ready-to-use cuts with perfect lengths!

  • Main Version (3:39)
  • 2 Minutes Edit (2:00) – (skip to 3:40 in the preview)
  • 60 Seconds Edit (1:00) – (skip to 5:40 in the preview)
  • 30 Seconds Edit (0:30) – (skip to 6:40 in the preview)

This track has proven to be a perfect musical foundation for all sorts of video projects and has therefore been featured in many professional, successful promotional campaigns on the web and on TV.

More than 6000 sales, over 200 positive ratings, constantly part of AJ’s popular files for over 3 years‘Uplifting Inspiring Motivational’ is one of the most successful music items of all time on Audiojungle and is still becoming more and more popular every day!

This track is NOT associated with any YouTube ContentID service like AdRev, Audiam etc. – so you don’t need to worry about content claims for your or your client’s videos!

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