Uplifting Inspiring Motivation Pack

Uplifting Inspiring Motivation Pack


Uplifting Inspiring Motivation Pack includes three beautiful inspiring motivational tracks for your uplifting project. Tracks included in this pack are inspiring and positive, motivational and forceful, innovative and electronic, emotional and cinematic. This music contributes to business success, achievement of objectives and motivate your customers to take action and achieve corporate goals. Tracks aims to motivate and inspire.

Great as background music for advertisement, motivational montage, sport videos, travel videos, motivational slide show, uplifting presentations, time lapse clips, corporate videos, sentimental videos, short clips, youtube videos, corporate presentation, soundtracks, TV-shows, cinema production, advertising, commercials, movie trailers, radio, presentations, promotions, etc.

In addition to main versions from preview you also get short and loop versions of this tracks!

Tracks included in pack:

1. Motivation: 3:16 (0:00 – 3:16 on preview)

    2 versions included in the download package:
  1. Motivation (main track): 3:16
  2. Motivation (short version): 2:04

2. Inspiration: 2:50 (3:16 – 6:06 on preview)

    5 versions included in the download package:
  1. Inspiration (main version): 2:50
  2. Inspiration (short version): 1:31
  3. Inspiration (loop version 1): 0:16
  4. Inspiration (loop version 2): 0:16
  5. Inspiration (loop version 3): 0:16

3. Uplifting Motivation: 1:54 (6:06 – 8:00 on preview)

    5 versions included in the download package:
  1. Uplifting Motivation (main version): 1:54
  2. Uplifting Motivation (loop version 1): 0:12
  3. Uplifting Motivation (loop version 2): 0:12
  4. Uplifting Motivation (loop version 3): 0:12
  5. Uplifting Motivation (loop version 4): 0:12

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the tracks are included in the download package.

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