Uplifting Happiness

Uplifting Happiness

“Uplifting Happiness” is a catchy and upbeat vocal song featuring ukuleles, whistles, claps, pianos and loads of other fun and cheerful instruments. This piece is sure to brighten your mood and give your project the positive vibe it needs.

[2 Versions Included in .zip]

– Listen to full version at 0:00

– Listen to the instrumental version at 2:25


I opened up my door and then I looked outside Saw the sun shine bright not a cloud in the sky This is gonna be a brighter day

Life never felt so good I never thought I could feel the way I do With my new point of view I can see right through all the cloudy skies

Its time to spread my wings and just fly away I can see the light and we’re goin today This has gotta be the best of days

Nothin is in my way I’m gonna seize the day I can win the race So come a long with me And I’m sure you’ll see life can be so good

Just take my hand and I’ll show you the place Where everything is all okay But before we go theres one thing left to say

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