Uplifting Dance Upbeat Kit

Uplifting Dance Upbeat Kit


Fat huge cool powerful break beat Extra energy and joy track. This song is a happy big beat with a strong breakbeat modern house Drums, Cheers samples, acid synths, driving power guitars with Fresh Indie Pop Rock Teen sound with a pumping heavy rock beat massive groove, smooth synths and memorable melody. Great for projects that require an exciting and energetic sonic backdrop with no compromise.

Positive inspirational cheerful catchy feel good summer pop dance pumping track. Happy and optimistic synth electro leads with live instruments, Jumpy uptempo slamming, uplifting pumping drum & bass.

Based on my original AudioJungle Pumping Pop Inspirational Dance Club track, with Upbeat & Inspire filing and modern pop rock sound item: Upbeat Happy Party Pop

You may create millions of variations with different duration, fill, mood like in Demo

  • Demo 1 Full (duration 2:12) (preview 00:00-02.12)
  • Demo 2 Commercial 60’ version (duration 1:08) (preview 02:12-03.20)
  • Demo 3 Commercial 30’ version (duration 0:38) (preview 03:20-03:58)

Suitable for any summer beach sports, extreme bike bmx or skate videos, Youtube gamer’s blog, or prank kids, action and comedy movies and films, TV advertisement and commercial, extreme sport shows opener, festival carnival party opening promo, pool games intro with splashes and sweem, smile drive television broadcast, motivational tourism euro commercial, sunny drunk video games championship, inspiration goal productivity sales advertising, slideshow, success trade video, skaters, skateboard, rollers, extreme speed sports, stimulating trailer, action scenes, go pro home hot travel videos, fighting vacation, viral marketing, web advertisements, movie trailers, business and holidays travel videos, Vimeo, School and College Work, Holiday and Vacation Videos, sports Media, Party / Gig Promo, Videohive Preview, motivational presentations and many more.

  • 01_Start(0:04)
  • 02_Start_Short(0:01)
  • 03_IntroA(0:03)
  • 04_IntroB_Guit(0:03)
  • 05_IntroC_GuitPop(0:02)
  • 06_MainA(0:07)
  • 07_MainB(0:07)
  • 08_MainA_Robo(0:07)
  • 09_MainB_Robo(0:07)
  • 10_MainA_RoboSynth(0:07)
  • 11_MainB_RoboSynth(0:07)
  • 12_BreakBeatA(0:03)
  • 13_BreakBeatB(0:03)
  • 14_BreakBeatA_Guit(0:03)
  • 15_BreakBeatB_GuitPop(0:03)
  • 16_BreakBeatA_GuitPopBass(0:03)
  • 17_BreakBeatB_GuitPopBassBeat(0:03)
  • 18_BreakBeatA_GuitPopBassBeat(0:03)
  • 19_BreakBeatB_GuitPopBassBeatCheer(0:03)
  • 20_BreakBeatC_GuitPopBassBeatCheer(0:02)
  • 21_Outro(0:04)
  • 22_END(0:04)