Uplifting Chillout

Uplifting Chillout

Uplifting Corporate - 1Uplifting Corporate - 2

Creative title: Megapolis

The name of the item may differ from the name in the archive!

Professional, calm and stylish corporate background with slight notes of synthwave . This catchy track has light, uplifting, chill mood and fits many types of projects!

Featured instruments: catchy and stylish guitars, groovy beat, deep bass, bright synths and atmospheric pads,

The track contains 2 loop versions that are compatible with each other, so you combine them in any order for a diverse longer version if needed!

This track is great as:
  • Chill background music for youtube;
  • Stylish background for commercial;
  • Corporate background music for business presentation;
  • Uplifting background for technology presentation;
  • Inspiring background music for gadget presentation;
  • Easy listening music background for estate video;
  • Catchy background music for slideshow;
  • Upbeat background music for infographic video;
  • Light background music for landscape video;
  • Stylish background music for explainer video;
  • Calm background music for tutorial;
This item includes:
  • Main Version – 1:57 (starts at 0:00 in preview);
  • 60 seconds – 1:00 (starts at 1:58in preview);
  • 30 seconds – 0:30 (starts at 3:00 in preview);
  • Loop1 – 0:16 (starts at 3:32 in preview);
  • Loop2 – 0:16 (starts at 3:50 in preview);

All versions are represented in WAV an MP3

Uplifting Corporate - 3

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