Uplifting Corporate Pack

Uplifting Corporate Pack

Get positive with this massive collection of 10 high quality songs! This upbeat and motivational collection includes ukuleles, strings, guitars, pianos, drums and much more! This is the perfect assortment of songs to give your projects that positive and creative feeling it needs.

This Collection includes:

Corporate Business Motivation (1:12) – An inspiring and motivational song featuring uplifting guitars, strings and drums that will make your next project soar!

Upbeat Corporate Ad (3:01) – A positive and upbeat corporate track featuring a catchy ukulele, upbeat vocals, piano and acoustic guitar. This includes a vocal and non vocal version to fit your project needs.

Corporate Wings of Success (1:30) – An inspiring and motivational piece that is sure to promote success on your next project. Flowing guitar and strings build up to an inspirational climax that will bring your project to the next level. Spread your corporate wings and succeed!

Rise Above (2:03) – This powerful piece will energize and motivate your audience to achieve success no matter what it takes. The piece includes a beautiful piano, stunning orchestra, huge drums and a guitar that will give your project the courageous and inspring feel that you’re looking for.

A Simple Idea (0:51) – A unique, simple and catchy song featuring piano, bells and plucked strings. A perfect piece for a short advertisement, preview or anything unique you can think of.

Touch the Sky (1:59) – Perfect for any of your corporate or light hearted projects. Includes a happy and positive ukulele complimented by piano, and lush vocal harmonies to give your project that missing element.

Achieving Success (1:13) – The piece is perfect for portraying a scene of accomplishment and perseverance. The song is centered around piano and includes uplifting orchestra and drums.

A Brighter Day (0:51) – A catchy, positive and happy tune featuring piano, bells, and acoustic guitar.

Feelin’ Good (1:12) – This is a motivational and cheerful piece centered around the piano.

Bright Smiles (1:09) – A catchy and cheerful piece, perfect for a happy and fun project.

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