Cinematic Inspiring

Cinematic Inspiring

Uplifting Cinematic Epic Inspirational and Motivational very Emotional Soundtrack. Inspirational Trailer and Teaser Intro Music.

Uplifting Cinematic Epic Inspiration - 1

Length of Soundtrack – 03:22 sec (Long Full version)
Additional Version #1 – 02:11 sec (Lite version)
Additional Version #2 – 02:42 sec (Middle-Short version)

Tempo – 150 bpm (middle)

Structure of Soundtrack:

01. Lite Orchestral Intro
02. Epic Intro + Brass and Percussion
03. Pause
04. Action + Percussion
05. More Action + Percussion + Choir
06. Soft Bridge and Lite Piano + Air
07. Bridge + Lite Orchestra with Piano
08. Bridge + Inpiring Orchestra and Strings + Powerful Brass and Tuba
09. Pause with FX (rise)
10. Full Action + Powerful Orchestra + Powerfull Choir
11. More Epic Orchestra
12. More Action with Powerful Percussion
13. Pause
14. Outro. Lite Clean Piano
15. Lite Strings

Every piece is very easy to loop and cut. Feel free to contact me via the Form on my profile’s page if you have any problem with that and I’ll help you for free.

Main instruments: piano, strings, brass, tuba, drums, percussion, voices, choir.
Mood: victory, Hollywood, blockbuster, bravery, inspiration, war, heroic, trailer, action, movie.
You can use it for: epic sport videos, cinematic projects, action on landscapes, cinematic war inspiration videos, youtube commercial and private content, video games, video trailers, presentations and intro outro of epic projects, background music for movie or documentary films, nature documentary and tv shows.