Uplifting Background Pack

Uplifting Background Pack

This is my new inspirational, Creative and original “Uplifting Background Pack”! It was especially created for your motivational and ambient background music includes clean piano, strings, rhythmical beat and other. Best for corporate videos, commercials, positive, cinema, advertisement, slideshow, lower thirds videohive projects or as web page music.

Wav and mp3 included.

Tracks Included:

  • Uplifting Background :
  • Uplifting Background is a motivational, fresh, upbeat and driving track for your projects. Perfect for corporate media, commercials, advertising, YouTube, technology videos and more. Featuring electric guitars, powerful piano, acoustic guitars, synths, strings and more electronic goodness! Exclusive and inspiring sound.

    This track included 3 versions:

    1. Uplifting Background (Version 1) – 2:19

    2. Uplifting Background (Version 2) – 1:14

    3. Uplifting Background (Version 3) – 0:40Uplifting Background Pack - 1
  • Ambient Lounge Inspiration:
  • Exclusive track. Perfectly for original visuals. This track is very can be used for many types of video projects such as – Video Game Background music, travel and world projects, documentaries on nature and the outdoors, camping and hiking videos, spirituality projects, beautiful scenery shots, science fiction, technology, inspiring visuals, narrative projects, music to sleep to and ambient movie music and underscores.

    This track included 3 versions:

    1. Lounge Ambient (Version 1) – 2:16

    2. Lounge Ambient (Version 2) – 1:44

    3. Lounge Ambient (Version 3) – 1:01Uplifting Background Pack - 2
  • Happy Advertise Background:
  • Positive and cheering, this “Happy Advertise Background ” track is best for family and social commercials and corporate presentations. Suitable for social, inspiring, product, corporate, branding and commercial clips. Perfect for your media projects.

    Included 3 versions:

    1. Happy Advertise Background (Version 1) – 1:53

    2. Happy Advertise Background (Version 2) – 1:00

    3. Happy Advertise Background (Version 3) – 0:36Uplifting Background Pack - 3

Uplifting Background Pack - 4

I hope that you’ll be feel the pleasure with this track.

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