Uplifting Background Pack

Uplifting Background Pack

“Uplifting Background Pack” is motivational, upbeat, optimistic, positive, happy, joyful, emotional inspirational corporate Background Pack, that contains three tracks with melodic delayed melodic electric guitars, bright piano, inspired harmonies, deep bass guitar and rhythmic beats.

Perfect for TV-shows, commercials, corporate projects, movie trailers, radio, presentations, games, youtube videos, films.

1. • Fun duration: 2:23 (starts on 0:00 of the preview)

2. • Piano And Saxophone Background duration: 2:05 (starts on 2:24 of the preview)

3. • Technology duration: 2:18, 0:12, 0:24, 0:48 (starts on 4:29 of the preview)

Both a high quality mp3 file and wav file are included.

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