Uplifting And Inspirational Pack

Uplifting And Inspirational Pack

Positive inspirational upbeat music waits for you in this music pack! These tunes have a bright, shiny and confident mood.

Why this music pack is a profitable for you?

  • Flexibility: every track has different length versions (you can hear all version on original tracks page, links are represented below) ;
  • Universality: wide range of applications ;
  • Huge discount!: 50%
Sounds great in:
  • commercials;
  • presentations videos;
  • motivation video;
  • slideshows;
  • and any inspirational projects.
This item includes:
  • Emotional Uprising Orchestra – instrumental (starts at 0:00 in preview);
  • Inspirational (starts at 2:05 in preview);
  • Inspirational Anthem (starts at 4:55 in preview);
  • Uprising Epic (starts at 7:05 in preview);
Original tracks:
  1. Emotional Uprising Orchestra: 2:06 A gentle and uplifting track, like a smile on your face in lights of the morning sunshine The track has inspiring, uprising mood. It starts with light piano melody and evolve to a full orchestration with bright and airy vocals.

    Featured instruments: female and male chorus, staccato and sustained strings, crystal bells, gentle and blur piano, deep bass, rhythmic percussion.

  2. Inspirational: 2:52 Inspirational is a combination of a beautiful guitar melody, rhytmic pop-rock elements, orchestral strings and choir. This tune brings great burst of inspiration to a listener. The mood of a track is motivational, bright and confident. Featured instruments: beautiful piano, powerful drums, atmospheric solo guitars, crispy rhythm guitar, bright acoustic guitar, claps, orshestral strings and choir..
  3. Inspirational Anthem: 2:10 Inspirational Anthem is a melodic uprising and motivational tune. Featured instruments: confidence strings, catchy piano, orchestral brass, airy chorus, rhythmic drums and percussion. Tracks starts with solo piano melody, continues with dense apex and ends with beautiful piano notes. If you want to add burst of inspiration to your project this tune is just for you!
  4. Uprising Epic: 2:55 Upbeat and bright rock tune with light melody and powerful rhythm. This track brings uplifting and optimistic feelings should inspire people for action! This track consists of clapping, guitar chords, cellos, rhythmic drums, catchy bass line snd some bright synths. Great for motivation, inspiration, commercial, social videos.