Uplifting And Emboldening Music Pack

Uplifting And Emboldening Music Pack

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A collection of five tracks that are designed to motivate, uplift, embolden people who listen to them. There are a wide variety of instruments – both acoustic and electronic – and styles throughout these tracks, some are more subtle, some are more powerful, but they all have a common theme of being uplifting.

Minimum Radius 3:28

A minimalistic heavily layered track that build slowly to a hugely uplifting climax. Warm double-tracked telecaster guitars with lots of repeated melodic ostinatos and heavy reverb create an idyllic texture that crescendos into a huge epic piece by the end of the track with every area of the frequency spectrum filled. Has hints of Coldplay and U2 guitar riffs.

00:00-01:12 – First section, features the guitars, a synth bass, and some synth drums. Grows from one instrument, to many, but is not the absolute climax of the track. 01:12-03:08 – Epic long buildup, with one instrument being brought in after the other, addition of bass, drums, piano, and bells, bring the piece to a climax. 03:08-03:28 – Simple ident to close off the piece with material that is related to what you have heard earlier.

A Happy Ending 0:34

An upbeat, lively track featuring live instruments. Very short, but very sweet, a good way to close out any presentation. A simple melody on the piano is accompanied by an accordion and a double-tracked guitar which gives this track the vitality it possesses.

Simple, but effective, and a good way to leave people feeling positive.

Let The Sun Shine In 1:30

A track with a great catchy riff to open up that is very recognizable. The beginning repeats this riff and gradually builds with an uplifting feel to the main part of the track starting at 00:38, which is where the ‘fullest’ sound occurs. The main part of the track feels like a safe piece of hands, it’s ‘present’ but unobtrusive, and therefore makes a perfect accompaniment for a video presentation. The track closes with an echo of the opening riff, providing a nice bookend.

This is a perfectly structured track for short product promotions, or the opening of corporate presentations. It’s simple, straightforward production style allows it to be used across a wide range of mediums. This track was solely designed to be uplifting and positive.

Blessed 0:58

An acoustic guitar strums its way through this track in a way that can only be described as uplifting.

A haunting cello melody underpins the guitar halfway through to bring a greater sense of depth to the piece.

To close, the guitar finishes with a strong melodic identifier that closes off the piece in a way that is memorable and final.

This is a motivational track, but in a far more emotional and softer context.

Brothers In Arms 1:04

A motivational, uplifting track, with a military theme hinted at throughout.

The opening of the track starts with a guitar riff that is accompanied by strings and brass (the accompaniment is like a military chorale). There is also the ubiquitous field snare drum that is usually a staple of most military-themed music in the media.

At 0:24, the track becomes very positive and has a lot of momentum, carried mainly by the drum beat and piano. This continues until 00:48, where a live trumpet (played be me!) closes out the piece. The solo trumpet ‘call’ signifies military more than any other sound and thus I thought it was a suitable sound to close.

This is not an action piece, but rather a piece of music to illustrate the bonds that are formed when soldiers serve together, thus it is meant to be uplifting and positive.

That’s it for this pack, I hope you find the files useful!


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