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Looks like you worked hard on this and it paid off! Great work :).

Thanks, hope we deserved that! :-)

Amazing work!

Thanks a lot!)))

We’re trying hard! =)

Fresh, positive, dynamic!! Perfect media work!:)

Hi, please let me know how do I register my youtube, if I want to post my video with the music embedded into youtube?

Hi! Upbeat is not registred at youtube. I think you can use it free in one final product after purchase :)

Hi RedLionProduction, I just wanted to let you know I heard your track 2 times on national television here in Holland :-). I immediately recognized it when I hear it haha. Good work buddy! keep it up! :D

Wow!!!! It’s really nice! We’re glade to know that!!!! ;)

Great work! Great sound!

Thank you! =)

Question: I would like to purchase music to use as the intro/background music for my youtube videos. (not for one video, but for all videos that might come)

1. Which license do I have to purchase?

2. If (I’m not sure about that yet) .. so if I decide that I want to sell those videos do I have to change the license/can I change the license afterwards?

If so, how do I do that and which license do I have to choose then?

Hi! The type of license depends on the quantity of your audience (or downloads). If you want to make more then one video, using the same item, you need to buy one of types of the license several times (for each video).

First: I honestly don’t know how many views/downloads I’m going to get. I would upload those videos to youtube. No way of saying if I’m going to be viewed 2 times or 2 million times (especially because youtube doesn’t seem to be dying any time soon which means my videos COULD be up for hundreds of years ..)

Second: I don’t know how many videos I’m going to make and I would find it very tedious to stop by every time I create one. Is there no way to purchase a song with some kind of flatrate?

You can purchase a new license any time, first of all, just buy the standart license, and then watch on results.

I watched your work, they are beautiful !!!

Thank you! =)

Amazing music track!

Thanks a lot!)

great music!! my son can’t stop dancing

Ahahaha!))) that’s so nice!)))

I loveeeee it!!!

Thank you!!! ;)

Really Really Nice !!! Great Feel …. Good Luck!

Thank you! Nice to hear it :)

Good work! Very good job!!!

Thank you! =)

It`s very cool track!:)

I love the track! But can I ask, why does youtube tell me they will remove this from my video for copyright issues?

Hi! contact us with email, please!


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