Upbeat Uplifting Inspirational Corporate Kit

Upbeat Uplifting Inspirational Corporate Kit

A MUSIC KIT, based on original AudioJungle composition Upbeat Uplifting Inspirational Corporate.

‘Upbeat Uplifting Inspirational Corporate’ is a motivational, confident background music. Starts with nice chords and grows up to dreamy guitar theme.

Perfect for modern corporate projects, TV advertisement, promo, youtube blog, presentation and so one. If you want to surprise your audience – this is the right music. They will be delighted.

Sounds and Instruments used: Piano, Dreamy Electric Guitar, Synth instruments, Deep Bass, Glockenspiel and Light Percussion.

What’s Inside:

Demo Tracks:
Demo_01 (2:16)
Demo_02 (1:02)
Demo_03 (0:34)

Adobe Audition project files of the demo arrangements to help you get started.

Song Sections:
01_Intro (0:01)
02_VersePart1 (0:15)
03_VersePart1_NoDrums (0:15)
04_VersePart2 (0:15)
05_VersePart3 (0:15)
06_VersePart4 (0:15)
07_BreakdownPart1 (0:15)
08_BreakdownPart1_NoGuitar (0:15)
09_BreakdownPart2 (0:15)
10_Bridge (0:03)
11_Bridge_NoGuitar (0:03)
12_Chorus1Part1 (0:15)
13_Chorus1Part2 (0:15)
14_Chorus2Part1 (0:15)
15_Chorus2Part2 (0:15)
16_End1 (0:07)
17_End2 (0:02)
18_EXTRA_ShortVerse1 (0:07)
19_EXTRA_ShortVerse2 (0:07)
20_EXTRA_ShortChorus1 (0:07)
21_EXTRA_ShortChorus1_NoCrash (0:07)
22_EXTRA_ShortChorus2 (0:07)
23_EXTRA_ShortChorus3 (0:07)
24_EXTRA_ShortChorus4 (0:07)