Upbeat Rock

Upbeat Rock

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Upbeat Rock is a fast, happy, uplifting, modern, upbeat indie rock track with a light and positive rock n roll sound. It consists of rocky electric guitars, deep rock bass guitar, energetic drums and classic rock organ. This music is perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, party, web advertisements, action movies, trailers, youtube, extreme and sport videos, action games, applications, backgrounds, presentations, promotions, commercials, visuals, business and more. It’s a upbeat happy rock track that energizes your video with a positive energy!

Instruments: drum set, bass guitar, electric guitars, claps, organ, synth pads.

Versions Included:
1. Upbeat Rock Main – 1:31.
2. Upbeat Rock Short – 1:10.
3. Upbeat Rock Short 2 – 0:49.
4. Upbeat Rock Long – 2:00.
5. Upbeat Rock Loop – 0:32.

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