Upbeat Rock Pack

Upbeat Rock Pack


Upbeat Rock Pack is a 4 tracks and 13 versions

1. Upbeat Rock: 1:08

Upbeat Rock is a powerful indie track in modern pop rock style with driving positive mood. Optimistic, groovy, catchy guitar riff, positive electronic synths, happy claps and stomp, massive bass, energy drums beat, inspirational and motivational male and female voices and other elements.

Good for: TV, advertisement, commercial, presentation, slideshow, movie, party, travel video, summer holiday video, game soundtrack, corporate video, sport video, motion, animation, youtube background, positive party, inspirational film, motivational video, teen, adventure, logo, titles, ident, commercial, radio, TV, web, news, podcast and other media video projects.

Included 2 version: 1:08, 0:39

2. Breakbeat Sport: 2:14

Breakbeat Sport is the energetic breakbeat rock music with drive dynamic atmosphere. Sound is a powerful and active, fresh and energetic. Breakbeats big beat style drums with hi gain guitars and driving riff make a upbeat positive sport action feeling.

Perfect for background for sports trailer opening and action commercial video, sports news tv broadcast, game competition, action film, driving movie, race or racing video, any kind of action sport and other different projects with action dynamic mood.

Instruments: Drums, Drive and Distortion Guitar, Bass.

Included 3 versions: 2:14, 0:48, 0:31

3. Rock Trailer: 2:03

Rock Trailer is a cinematic hybrid powerful music with aggressive metal high octane rhythm guitar, electro solo guitar with wah effect, electronic sound design (digital SFX, risers), brutal distortion bass, massive upbeat drums and epic hits. Very useful for montage.

Perfect for: movie and film soundtrack, trailers, teaser, media projects, blockbuster, marketing campaigns, action video, life and travel videos, sports, racing and car, fight and battle, intro, opener, video games, titles, logo, rice and extreme, presentation, slideshow and other video projects.

Included 4 version: 2:03, 0:25, 1:14, 0:54

4. Happy Funk: 1:26

“Happy Funk” is the Positive Upbeat Music with energetic Funky Bass, Clean Electric Rhythm and Solo Guitar, Groovy Drums and Percussion.

Perfect for advertising, YouTube videos, slideshow, Film Trailer, Cinema and more.

Included 4 Versions: Main (1:26), Short (0:44), Verse Only (0:22) and “Chorus” Part Only (0:21)

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