Upbeat Rock Kit

Upbeat Rock Kit

Upbeat Rock Kit – pop positive, uplifting and energetic track! Positive mood and modern comercial sound! Drive guitars, power drums, bass, tambur and shakers, backing voices and more! Perfect for advertisement and TV commercial, media project and podcast, You Tube, website, life, travel, science and invention, innovation, education, sport, design, medicine and high technology, corporate, business, trade, nature and more motivational video productions!

Used instruments: drive and crunch vintage sound guitars, drums, tambourine, claps and shakers.

This kit is based on this music: Upbeat Rock

Here is a very convenient kit for you to create an corporate music. By using its separate parts you can easily construct a music track which will meet all your requirements.

Demo tracks:

Demo 1 – 1:07
Demo 2 – 0:28


01_Intro_Fx – 0:01
02_Intro1 – 0:10
03_Intro2 – 0:10
04_Verse1 – 0:10
05_Verse2 – 0:10
06_Chorus1 – 0:10
07_Chorus2 – 0:10
08_Breakdown1 – 0:10
09_Breakdown2 – 0:12
10_Verse3_Full – 0:19
11_Chorus3_Full– 0:19
12_Outro – 0:06