Upbeat Indie Rock Party

Upbeat Indie Rock Party


Pump your project full of life with this energetic, fun and feel-good indie rock hit!

The perfect soundtrack to your marketing campaign or media project, real estate promo, YouTube video or motion graphics, this is an upbeat and uplifting track that will grab your audience’s attention and get them on board, right from the start.

Simple, catchy and bursting with energy, this fun and fresh indie rock track will give any media project a boost. A perfect fit for unforgettable commercials and original advertising, action shots, sports promos, games, podcasts, YouTube videos, films and projects, “Upbeat Indie Rock Party” sets a summery, cool tone and is sure to leave your audience wanting more!

This unique track has been designed to capture your audience’s attention and draw them into the party, while keeping the focus on what matters most… your project! So how do we do it?

-Simple, catchy and feel-good vocal hook
-Clean, driving rock guitars
-Thick, grooving bass
-Powerful, energized drums
-Subtle electronic elements that keep the energy up from start to finish

We have included 5 different versions of this pumped up rock track, including an instrumental, short cut and loops, to give you complete flexibility. Simply drag and drop into your media project and watch it come to life!

-Full Song With Vocals [3:07]
-Instrumental [3:07] (Preview at 3:08)
-Short Cut Version [0:57] (Preview at 6:15)
-Chorus Loop [0:13] (Preview at 7:13)
-Instrumental Chorus Loop [0:13] (Preview at 7:26)

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If you have any questions or requests, please contact us at USING THIS SONG ON YOUTUBE? Reap the full benefits of monetization by injecting your YouTube channel with something fresh, vibrant and original. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Once your video is uploaded, simply visit

2. Enter your video URL into the box, along with the license you received after buying. (You can find this in the “Downloads” section of your Envato account.)

3. That’s it! Your video will be cleared of any potential advertisements and you have full control of your monetization!

Alternatively, you can simply email us your YouTube video link and we’ll take care of this for you in a flash.

You are more than welcome to use any of our preview tracks in your videos. Include a link back to our song, and we will happily update our description with a link to your item.